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DE OLHO NELAS is a project that was created in 2009, with a particular interest in discussing feminine homosexuality in order to promote integration, create interaction and generate and exchange information in Brazil.

DE OLHO NELAS is designed and inspired to create positive changes worldwide, and particularly in Brazil, not only within issues of sexuality and free choice, but also the representation of gender and sexuality, among other contemporary themes like same-sex marriage, artificial insemination, human rights and homophobia.

Today women occupy a significant space in the professional world, in family relationships and in the social context. The project DE OLHO NELAS underscores how these women think, question and act in matters of love, family, friendship, community and work.

We will be addressing various subjects, bringing current news to the table and talking about how the world is currently receiving and/or accessing this news through the diversity of popular events like Gay Pride, LGBT TV, radio and principally the internet.

Our news is for the LGBT community as a whole, but it is especially directed towards to women who occupies a different and significant professional position, family relationships and social context. We are gathering information and testimonials from women of diverse cultures, posting stories and real life experiences all over the world.

The main drive behind DE OLHO NELAS is for women to be seen, heard, represented, respected and celebrated and to create unity amongst whomever we can inspire to be a part of this positive change.

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